Sunday, February 6, 2011

                                           No school today...we went to the zoo! grammie & tatum
                                             sydney, mom,tatum, landon & grammie
                                           we played....
                                             sydney wasn't feeling her best so we got a stroller
                                            these monkeys remindered us of jacki picking at jack's hair:)

                                             we took our time & saw all the animals, sat & watched

                                           we started getting a little tired
  it was a very nice day. I'm glad we went to the zoo we had a lot of fun.

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Random things

The random things i do are like go bike riding on a Sunday with friends. And one crazy thing is does your aunt and uncle come over everyday. They live in Mesa & we live in Chandler.

christmas morning fun:)

On Christmas morning my aunt Jacki woke us up @8 o'clock. Here's a few pictures of us opening our presents. I got a ipad, itouch, quad, moxie girl, styling hair salon, fur real friends, nail polish, fake nails, 2 necklaces 1 from santa & 1 from dad....some toys i'm sharing. I also got my mom's old laptop because she got a new one. And I almost forgot we got the kinect & danced all morning.

new braces...jingle jog....& christmas pics

I was begging my mom to get me appointment to get braces. The day I got my braces on was last thursday. When i got my braces on I picked the colors red & white. Right after my braces we did the jingle jog at school. I heard my sister ran the whole mile....way to go Syd!!

My family pictures turned out to be wonderful. There's not much to say about the pictures except it's the sunday before my braces.